Entry #1


2012-03-22 16:26:47 by EpicMarshmallow

Hallo there guys. I am EpicMarshmallow, but you can check out my youtube account. ( NakaTeleeli) I am atleast 23 years old. I program lots, but nothing worth the darn. Here is an image of my DevianArt character. Read: Naka. Meaning: inside. Yes, I am a sort of horrible japanese speaker, Because I dont really study the language. Find my friend ElementalOgre on my Videos when I lets play with him, so feel free to check out his youtube account. Im making a horrible Bullet hell, but suprisingly unexpected stuff is coming up in it. The game will not be released until all glitches are fixed. The sneak peak picture is shown below. Im not really talented at all. All my education comes from studying and observing. I am nothing but a humble student of life. Come, Let me show you what I've learned!



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